Dr Harold Elletson

Dr Harold Elletson is the Director of The New Security Foundation, which
conducts research into the implications of the new security environment for civil society. The New Security Foundation provides an international forum for dialogue between the public and private sectors and offers analytical insight and information about new security conditions. The Foundation hosts regular events and conferences, including an annual 'International Forum on E-Learning for Defence and Security.'

Dr Elletson was previously Director of the NATO Forum on Business and
Security, which he created with support from the NATO Science Programme. The
Forum, which brought academics, businessmen and political leaders together
to discuss the implications of the new security environment, was attended by
delegates from over 60 different countries.

A former Member of the United Kingdom Parliament (from 1992-1997), he served
as Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for Northern
Ireland in the early stages of the peace process and was also a member of
the Select Committee on Environment. Harold Elletson has a good knowledge of
education at a local level both in Britain and overseas. He served as a
member of the Lancashire Education Authority (the Education Committee of
Lancashire County Council) before being elected to Parliament where he
represented the interests of schools and colleges in his constituency in
discussions with Ministers and on the floor of the House of Commons.

An international public affairs consultant and a fluent Russian speaker, he
has advised many leading companies on aspects of their business in the
former Soviet Union, including BP in Azerbaijan and Alstom in Siberia. He
has written widely on political and historical subjects and his first book,
The General Against the Kremlin, was published by Little Brown. Dr Elletson
holds a PhD in Social Sciences from the University of Bradford.